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The way the construction businesses operate today has taken a paradigm shift from the ones adopted a decade ago. Today’s construction business is about multiple on-going projects across the globe, distributed workforce, and requires participation of various project stakeholders from various departments and locations for successful project execution. Lack of coordination, communication, accessibility and availability of right information at the right time, visibility into daily operations, tight connection between the office and site, efficient supply chain are some of the proliferating challenges. Along with these the construction industry is highly competitive, and firms must continually improve their productivity to remain competitive. An efficient IT strategy will enable construction and real estate companies to translate business challenges in to growth opportunities.
ConstructWise : -
combines its expansive technology expertise with domain insight to help Construction and Real Estate companies build technology solution right across the value chain ranging from project identification, writing proposals, project management and collaboration, resource management, project costing and payroll, forecasting, payment collection and successful completion.

Note : ConstructWise product is under development now…..