Order Management -OMS

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Our Order Management suite of application contains different suite of application incorporated together(Similar to the kind of MS office ) i.e it software such as

1.Order Management mainly intended to track the orders the manufacturing firm is handling supporting customer information as well as worker payroll.

2.Billing – Intended to maintain the inventory, billing, customer, workers payroll of the firm.

3.Stock - Intended to maintain the stock in and out from various Warehouses.

4.Worker Track down – Mainly intended for tracking the workers and sub-contractors working on different orders and maintaining payroll.

The customer can opt for the software together or can go for selective ones as per needs. We do provide custom changes as per client requirements.

 Unnecessary paperwork is omitted. All the information can be viewed at a single click. Different kind of customize reports are available helping in analysis and growth of the business. No Training Required.

 Easy to Learn, Easy to Scale

Customers for Order management :

• Industry (or portion of an industry): Normally small scale industry where lot of different types of employees ranging from (worker, supervisor and manager are there), this application is best suited for

• Location: Can be operated from any location.

• Size of firm: it supports firms ranging from 5 to 1 lakh customer.

• Quality, technology: Latest Microsoft technology is used for its development.

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